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N07 'Essentially Natural' and 'Match Made' concealer review!

So recently I indulged in a N07 foundation and concealer. I purchased the 'Essentially Natural' foundation and the 'Match made' concealer.

I went into Boots and like they had advertised on TV, N07 had a skin match booth.This is basically where a N07 consultant puts on a small handheld device against your face and it tells you what shade you are. This is such an useful service because everyone knows that finding the correct shade is basically like rocket science (okay maybe not quite but still...). N07 have a range of 17 colours which is unusual, but great, as most brands do around 10 shades maximum, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find the perfect shade here. 

Now the foundation itself has a thick consistency and blending it onto your skin is fairly easy as it spreads evenly. But the thickness also means that you will need to use more than you would with a normal consistency foundation. 

Even though it is thick it doesn't leave a cakey texture so you can layer it up with other products, but make sure you use powder because otherwise it could look like you can swipe your finger across it and remove it all. The front of the tube claims that it gives you a light-medium coverage, and so it did. Blemishes were still visible but not as much, you would have to get quite close to your face to see them. This foundation isn't the best brightener, there are others that are better but it does definitely still lighten your skin.

The concealer does do well at hiding blemished and brightening dull spots. It has a creamy texture but its dry enough to not slide off your face. You can layer it with the foundation or moisturiser to give it a nice even finish. I don't think the concealer would work well with dry or open pore skin.
It has a slanted tip which makes precision easier. 

So overall I do recommend these two. I think they compliment each other really well so if you can, then buy them together. The foundation was £9.95 and the concealer was £7.50 but to make things cheaper I bought them from Boots as a part of the '3 for 2' offer. N07 is known to have high quality items and it is at the top end of high street brands but I don't think people rave about their products enough! 

Let me know what you think!

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