Sunday, 1 January 2017

Starting 2017


2017 is finally upon us and we're all more motivated than ever to make this year the year. For me this year is mainly about finishing my a levels and starting university, a test of my independence and maturity! So to get the best possible start I did these three things...

De-clutter your space:

I don’t know about you but I cannot feel fresh until my surroundings look like it first. So my first step was to pick up the post-apocalyptic mess up from my floor and organize it. This consisted of long-lost school books that I had been looking for and also many, many, socks that crave for a spin in the washing machine. 

New years resolutions:

As always I will make a new year’s resolution list. But this time I won’t fill it up with unnecessary crap that would only be on there for the sake of it. I want to keep it to a minimal of 3 resolutions:

  • Read more – Not only to extend my vocabulary but to also broaden my knowledge around all topics.
  • Be more energetic- Firstly I need to stop taking a nap everyday after school. Also I hope that being more energetic will boost my confidence up to a point where I can easily deliver speeches in front of large crowds.
  • Maintain my blog- I want to post at least once every week on my blog and also at least 4 times a week on my Instagram. I find it much easier to keep up with my Instagram but it’s still going to be hard taking so many pictures!

Start and hope to end with a positive mindset:

A positive and happy attitude is key to moving forward I think. Every time I feel a bit disheartened by a failure I have a bunch of quotes I scroll through(and I’ll share them in my next post!). They just help me fuel myself back up again so I can get over whatever had me down.

Let me know how your new year was and if you have any new years resolutions!
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  1. I need to do the same resolutions. I need to make time for myself more and I think making an effort to sit down with a book will help with that.
    I'm all for a big de-clutter too, after taking down the Xmas decorations I have the urge to just get rid of so much that I don't use anymore.

    Have just followed you on Instagram, I'm planning to put more effort into my account this year too.

    Happy new year!



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  3. i have similar resolutions too ! Happy new year !